One man was so excited that he kept running back and forth on the platform waving his cane in the air. He displayed an incredible amount of love and joy as he described how the Lord healed his arthritic condition.

Another middle-aged man named Princeworth, was involved in an automobile accident. When the car hit him it almost severed his right foot. His ankle and lower leg bone were completely crushed. He had just spent 6½ months in the hospital undergoing three different operations, but he was still unable to walk.

“When we prayed for healing, the vast crowd started putting their faith into action.”

During the prayer time, Princeworth was sitting on the grass next to his crutches. When we prayed for healing, the vast crowd started putting their faith into action. The sea of people started swarming, some were jumping, others were moving their arms around and moving back and forth.

When Princeworth saw all the excitement, he started crying out for someone to help him stand up. The man next to him grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet. Instantly, his pain was gone, and he was able to walk. After sharing his testimony the first night, he came back the following evening to say, “I was able to walk all day without using my crutches.”

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Another man named Edmond was totally blind in his right eye. He was diagnosed with Glaucoma, and the increasing pressures in his left eye, made it almost impossible for him to see. When we prayed for healing, Edmond covered his eyes with his hands. When he removed them, he started jumping for joy because he could see again.

Another man named Jonas had severe stiffness in both knees. It wasn’t possible for him to kneel or bend his legs without a lot of pain. When we prayed for healing, Jonas put his hands on his waist, because he was also experiencing a terrible discomfort in his left hip socket. He said, “I could feel a warm heat running through my body and down my legs.”

Even though the illness left his body the first evening, Jonas wanted to wait until the third night before giving his testimony. He wanted to make sure the healing was real. As I watched him squat down in front of me, and rise again like a limber child, I assured him that the Lord’s healing power was very real.

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